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November Live Music Indi Bar

The Indi Bar has had live music 5 nights a week for many years and built up an awesome heritage. Bands such as Eskimo Joe, Grinspoon, British India, John Butler, Tijunan Cartel, Frenzal Rhomb have played here, as well as many other awesome musicians! For an up-to-date list of gigs, vist our facebook page! Upcoming Events Chistmas New Years Eve Live Music  Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays ____________________Upcoming Music Indi Bar _________________________ (Please not for all indets and purposes this is just a draft, and due to the nature of the music industry, it may change, please vist our facebook page for the most up to date info!)

W 1/10/2014 Julz Evans
T 2/10/2014 Open Mic Night
F 3/10/2014 Jacob and the Rude Boys
S 4/10/2014 Toby
S 5/10/2014 Kid Mac
W 8/10/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 9/10/2014 Open Mic Night
F 10/10/2014 BENJALU
S 11/10/2014 Marshall O’Kell
S 12/10/2014 Tracey Barnett
W 15/10/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 16/10/2014 Open Mic Night
F 17/10/2014 Nick Saxon & the Exclusive Few
S 18/10/2014 Matt Gresham
S 19/10/2014 Jay (Frenzal Rhomb)
Tom Ware + Dan Cribb
W 22/10/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 23/10/2014 Open Mic Night
F 24/10/2014 Nicky Sandover- Saint Ravine + Laura Hughes
S 25/10/2014 Blue Shaddy
S 26/10/2014 Angove Street Afterparty!
W 29/10/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 30/10/2014 Open Mic Night
F 31/10/2014 Pale Blonde Mexican
S 1/11/2014 Paul Shearer
S 2/11/2014 Matt Angell
4rth Melb Cup – DJ Keep Kalm
W 5/11/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 6/11/2014 Open Mic Night
F 7/11/2014 Buddy Phoenix + Black Rafferty
S 8/11/2014 Matt Gresham
S 9/11/2014 ReSound
W 12/11/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 13/11/2014 Open Mic Night
F 14/11/2014 Wanderlust + Logan Crawford + Teischa Jone + Blue Child
S 15/11/2014 The Volcanics
S 16/11/2014 Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars
W 19/11/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 20/11/2014 Open Mic Night
F 21/11/2014 Nick Saxon
S 22/11/2014 Toby
S 23/11/2014 Steve Smyth
Sunday Poolside
W 26/11/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 27/11/2014 Open Mic Night
F 28/11/2014 Dubbaray + The Rude Boys + Pimps of Sound
S 29/11/2014 Morgan Bain
s 30/11/2014 Pale Blonde Mexicans
W 3/12/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 4/12/2014 Open Mic Night
F 5/12/2014 Mick Thomas + Jayco Bros
S 6/12/2014 Pierce Brothers
S 7/12/2014 Jordan McRobbie CD Launch
W 10/12/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 11/12/2014 Open Mic Night
F 12/12/2014 Ngati band
S 13/12/2014 Matt greshan
S 14/12/2014 Shaun Kirk
W 17/12/2014 Limelite  Karoke
T 18/12/2014 Open Mic Night
F 19/12/2014 Pimps Of Sound
S 20/12/2014 Toby
S 21/12/2014 Bonjah
W 24/12/2014 Buddy Phoenix
T 25/12/2014 CHRISTMAS DAY
F 26/12/2014 Pale Blonde Mexicans
S 27/12/2014 The Volcanics
s 28/12/2014 Darren Doyle BeatZ by the Beach
m 29/12/2014
t 30/12/2014
w 31/12/2014 NYE – Morgan Bain + Guests
t 1/01/2015 Open Mic Night
f 2/01/2015 Rude Boys
s 3/01/2015 Toby
s 4/01/2015 RESOUND
w 7/01/2015 Limelight Karaoke
t 8/01/2015 Open Mic Night
f 9/01/2015 Pale Blonde Mexicans
s 10/01/2015 Matt Gresham
f 16/01/2015 Little Bird – Video Launch
f 23/01/2015 Robbie Jalapeno & The Bureaucrats
s 24/01/2015 Blue Shaddy
m 26/01/2015 Aust day
w 28/01/2015 Limelight Karaoke
t 29/01/2015 Open Mic Night
f 30/01/2015 Zarm
s 31/01/2015 RESOUND
s 7/02/2015 Toby
s 8/02/2015 Tijunana Cartel

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